Mission Statement

The Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) was created by the Archons to serve as the housing programming arm of Phi Gamma Delta. Its goal and purpose to support the Fraternity’s efforts to provide competitive housing in Phi Gamma Delta by providing resources and assistance that promotes competitive living environments within the Fraternity. Where feasible, we believe that housing is an important aspect of fraternity life and that quality, safe housing is important to the long-term success of the Phi Gamma Delta and individual chapters.


To challenge our membership to maintain the highest standards of safety and excellence in housing.

What We Do

Our role is to foster housing excellence within Phi Gamma Delta and to provide resources and support to help house corporations and chapters to operate at the highest level possible. Members of the HAC provide guidance to house corporations on a variety of topics.

Best Practices

Resources and best practices developed by the Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) to assist house corporations.

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House Corporation Resources

Resource documents, communication plans, preferred partners and suggested vendors.

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Housing Webinars

Find a full list of webinars about managing your house and how to make your chapter stand out on campus.

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1848 Properties, Inc.

1848 Properties, Inc. works with house corporations of closed or closing chapters to assist them in safe guarding and holding housing assets for future brothers.

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